amerflagamerflagShorts TUCANO T.MK1 - British Royal Air Force fast-jet lead-in Trainer


We supply the civilian and commercial aviation markets with high-end, former military aircraft.

Known for our extreme attention to detail, custom finishes and special mechanical configurations that typically please the most demanding customer. Explore our website, enjoy the images then take the time to see our products in person. Bring your imagination!

This site is dedicated to the Short Tucano T.Mk 1. An exceptional aircraft in many ways: Performance, durable, reliable and stunning looks. Ownership of the Tucano T.Mk 1 should be special and unique and that it is!

Commercial users are invited to review the performance and total cost of operation of the Tucano T.Mk 1 and consider the fact that RS Warbirds, LLC has the largest privately owned fleet of the T.Mk 1 aircraft in the world. Meaning, RS has the ability to supply and support multiple aircraft.

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