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Aircraft Specifications

Aircraft Specifications

  • 182 US gallon internal fuel capacity
  • 45 to 60 GPH fuel burn
  • 900 + mile range – econ cruise
  • 25,000 foot service ceiling
  • 300kt VNE
  • 240kt cruise @ 60% torque, 10K alt
  • 65kt dirty stall
  • 10 to 1 glide
  • ROC – 15,000 feet in 4 minutes

Handling: A real “hooligan” high-performance aircraft with no bad handling vices. Exciting to fly with exceptional low-level flying qualities. A super low 65kt dirty stall speed and beta propeller allow for a short landing ground roll. Dual cockpit controls, fowler single-slot flaps, mechanically controlled flight surfaces, and speed brake equipped. Full aerobatic, inverted flight systems, +7,- 3.6 G airframe ultimate loads.

Instrumentation: IFR equipped for day or night flights with standby instrumentation in both the front and rear cockpits. Partial list (stock configuration): ASI/CSI attitude indicator, Turn & Slip indicator, VSI, HSI, VOR/ILS/MB (VHF Nav.) and localizer., fuel-flow, AOA, OAT, UHF and VHF.

Equipment: Deice on pitot heads, AOA sensor, stall warning vein, static vents, engine intake and propeller blades. Demand-type regulator with 2 to 4 hour capacity oxygen system. Air-conditioned via bleed-air driven turbine.

37’ Wingspan, 32.25’ Length, 11.15’ Height 6150 lbs Gross Weight

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